Hot Sandwiches
All sandwiches served on our homemade toasted sandwich roll.

Habanero Roast Beef         $5.99
Lean roast beef with melted provolone and a garlic habanero aioli lettuce and tomato.

Station Club Sandwich        $5.50
Cheddar and Provolone cheeses with turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Pesto Turkey Sandwich    $4.95
Ultimate pesto sauce on our toasted sandwich roll with melted provolone, lettuce, tomato and smoked turkey .

Pulled Pork Sandwich          $4.95
Oven roasted pork with melted cheddar on our toasted roll with our spicy chipotle pepper sauce.

Chicken Cheddar Chipotle   $5.95
Oven baked chicken breast, sharp cheddar cheese with lettuce, tomato and spicy chipotle pepper sauce.

Habanero Turkey               $5.50
Our garlic habanero Aioli compliments this hot turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and melted provolone.

Cajun Turkey Sandwich      $5.50
Nineteen herbs, spices and flavorings make up our truly Cajun sauce with
turkey, lettuce, and tomato.

Ham and Cheddar               $5.25
Melted cheddar cheese, deli ham,lettuce, tomato and a spicy Creole mustard.

Turkey Chupacabra          $4.95
Sweet & Spicy chupacabra Serrano sauce with smoked turkey. On our home made sandwich roll with melted
cheddar, lettuce and tomato.

Garlic Roast Beef             $5.99
Our Super Duper garlic sauce on our toasted sandwich roll with melted provolone, tender roast beef, lettuce
and tomato.

Veggie Cheese Burger      $5.95
.Served up on our toasted sandwich roll with melted cheddar, lettuce,
tomato and any of our special sauces. Chipotle is the most popular.

Jalapeño Roast Beef        $5.99
Jalapeno cilantro and lime sauce with lettuce and tomato on our toasted sandwich roll with melted provolone

Jalapeño Turkey Sand      $5.50
Just like its beefier cousin/ only with thin sliced smoked turkey breast.

Hot Pastrami & horseradish $5.25
On our home made sandwich roll with melted cheddar, lettuce and tomato.

Meatball Sandwich             $5.50
Beef & Sausage meatballs smothered in marinara and mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Parmesan               $5.95
Oven baked chicken in marinara sauce with melted mozzarella cheese.

Station Reubenation        $5.75
Our special sauce carries the rye flavor normally in the bread. Sauerkraut and double provolone complete this

Pele’s Fire                     $5.99
Ghost Pepper Sauce accented with just the right spices should make the Hawaiian Goddess proud. With
Roast beef Provolone cheese, lettuce & tomato.  

White Buffalo beef           $5.99
Roast beef top and bottom with our Alabama white BBQ sauce, pickles & cheddar cheese.

Station Muffaletta       $5.75
Turkey & Salami with our special olive mix (green & black olives, greek peppers  and jalapenos in Italian
dressing.) with melted provolone.

San Antonio Cheese Steak    $5.99
Cheddar & Mozzarella with beef, onion, jalapeno and buffalo sauce.

Cold Sandwiches

Italian Sandwich                 $5.50
Salami, pepperoni, turkey pastrami, provolone cheese with lettuce, tomato and Italian dressing.

The Veggie Sandwich          $5.50
Home made hummus with shredded carrots, cucumber, yellow squash, lettuce, tomato and a hint of chipotle.

Tuna Sandwich               $5.50
Tuna salad made The Station Way.